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Dear Sir/Madam,

We at Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd., have had the pleasure to support your business with Scientific Treatment, Storage and Disposal of your Industrial Hazardous Waste. In continuation to our efforts to provide better service to you, we request your feedback on our services being rendered to you.

This is an independent survey organized to help us engage with you and other customers continuously and more effectively.

This survey will help you to share your concerns and ideas, as it will reach our senior management at MEPL and also to the Regulatory bodies.

We appreciate and thank you for your time of 05-10 minutes to fill this survey form. We request you to share your honest opinions, preferences and satisfaction on the MEPL Services. This will help us to understand your expectation and allow us to improve our performance as well as fulfil your expectations.

For any queries or assistance, please contact Rovena Anthony at +91-9552553656 or


Your Name:

Your Designation:

Your Mobile No / Office No:

Your E- mail address:

Name of Your Company:

Address & Location of your facility :

Do you have a dedicated EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) or Waste management department? If YES, please enter the number of people in the department their Name, Designation & Contact Details:

Kindly provide the list of recyclers to whom you are sending the recyclable/reuse waste. (Enter each recycler name on a separate line)

Assistance and support

How satisfied are you on the following aspects with MEPL?

Overall assistance provided by Marketing staff to understand the process

Explanation of charges, terms and conditions and Resolving any queries by Marketing staff

Frequency of visit of Marketing staff

Technical knowledge of Marketing staff

Professionalism and behavior of Marketing staff

How satisfied are you with MEPL as your current Waste Management Service provider?

MEPL’s ability to meet all your expectations from Waste Handling and Management

Overall services received on Waste Handling and Management

How satisfied are you with the following aspects relating to Communications from MEPL?

Communication with Marketing executive and response from marketing team

Proactive communication of important changes and information related to Waste handling compliances and changes

Modes of communication with you (phone, email, in – person, postal, etc.)

Accessibility to all Information and records, when requested by your company

Overall Communication you receive from MEPL

Trainings and Visits arranged by MEPL to our site

What four (4) words from the following list would you use to describe MEPL?

To what extent do you agree that MEPL's service standards and performance are overall better than other facility operators?


How satisfied are you with MEPL's Waste Collection and Transportation services

Process for booking vehicle for waste collection

Online request for waste lifting via customer login web portal

Lead time taken by MEPL for sending vehicle after booking

Waste collection vehicle reaching as per scheduled time of the day

Cleanliness & Hygiene of waste collection vehicles from MEPL

Safety measures followed by Driver at your facility

Overall behavior and co-operation of Driver(s)

Your Data availability and functionality/facility available on the <a href=


How satisfied are you on the following aspects of Billing at MEPL?

Accuracy of Bill

Timely generation of Bills (including frequency)

Timely receipt of e-invoice with stamp and signature including supporting documents and IRN with Bar code invoice

Ease of understanding of Bills received

Different Payment modes available from MEPL for bill payment via

Outstanding statement with e-invoice copy

Payment receipt acknowledgement Auto mail by MEPL with outstanding statement

How do you prefer to pay bills?

If Other Payment mode:


Any specific training regarding the hazardous waste handling, storage and transportation you look forward from MEPL.

How will you rate MEPL services to your company?

Your suggestions for improvement


Thank you for your valuable time to provide us your feedback. This will help us to communicate better with our customers, streamline our processes and improve our overall services to our customers. BEST REGARDS, TEAM CCS MEPL

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