An important activity in Hazardous Waste Management is the physical movement of hazardous waste from generating point to treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF), achieved through transportation.

In view of toxic, flammable, explosive or corrosive characteristics of hazardous waste the transportation is planned so as not to cause danger to health or environment, whether alone or when in contact of other waste or substances during transportation. Logistics dept is dedicated to efficient, cost effective and safe transportation of waste providing best customer services as per the Hazardous waste packaging, labelling & transportation guidelines.

We have strong fleet comprising Pickup, Trucks, Tippers, Hook loaders for carrying specialized containers(Open & closed) , tankers and also Crane mounted trucks for carrying loaded or filled up containers from industry while doing so empty containers are replaced for continuous use. The drivers are trained for handling waste safely and meet statutory or regulatory requirements. All the vehicles are authorized by MPCB as per rules. All the vehicles and containers are continuously maintained and washed after use.

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