Plasma Gasification

Plasma Gasification (PGVR)

Plasma is often referred as to the ‘Forth State of Matter’. It is formed by passing an electrical discharge through a gas. Plasma torches are capable of producing temperatures nearly as hot as the suns surface.

Gasification occurs when carbon containing feed stocks is exposed to extremely high temperatures (over 5000 C) in the presence of controlled supply of air to generate a wide variety of high value energy outputs. It creates hydrogen and carbon monoxide which is an energy rich gas stream. Gasification is not incineration. The gasification process is environment friendly. The gaseous emissions meet stringent CPCB norms and/ or practically free of dioxins and furans. Inorganic salts contain in the waste material are converted into vitrified slag which is non hazardous and can be gainfully used for various purposes like paver blocks, bricks, road making etc.

The energy rich syn gas is combusted and heat is recovered in waste heat recovery boiler to produce high pressure steam which is fed to turbine for generating electrical power and MEE operation.

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