An important activity in Hazardous Waste Management is the physical movement of hazardous waste from generating point to treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF), achieved through transportation.

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MEPL has two modern well equipped laboratory (Ranjangaon near Pune and Butibori near Nagpur) having facilities of basic VAT analysis and sophisticated instrument analysis using instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, TOC analyzer, GC-MS, Sophisticated high efficiency Bomb calorimeter ....

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Weigh Bridge

Our CHWTSDF has weighbridge of capacity 60 Metric Tons with accuracy of ±10 Kg. a weighbridge is regularly inspected and approved by Standards of Weight & Measurements Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.

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Scientific Storage

Our TSDF has proper storage facility having a capacity to store 6,000 MT at MEPL Ranjangaon and 18000 MT of incinerable hazardous waste at Butibori Nagpur. Storage facility meets requirements of CPCB guidelines for storage of Incinerable hazardous waste. Storage facility has proper flooring to avoid contamination of soil and land around the storage facility, proper leachate collection drains....

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Fire & Safety backup

The Fire and safety norms are maintained as per MIDC and Factory Rules. The Sand Buckets, Fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems are provided all around the facility. Availability of fire tenders is ensured as our site is across MIDC fire Station. We have continuous training program for all the employees and mock drills are regularly practiced ....

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