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An important activity in Hazardous Waste Management is the physical movement of hazardous waste from generating point to treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF), achieved through transportation.

In view of toxic, flammable, explosive or corrosive characteristics of hazardous waste the transportation is planned so as not to cause danger to health or environment, whether alone or when in contact of other waste or substances during transportation. Logistics dept is dedicated to efficient, cost effective and safe transportation of waste providing best customer services as per the Hazardous waste packaging, labelling & transportation guidelines.

We have strong fleet comprising Pickup, Trucks, Tippers, Hook loaders for carrying specialized containers(Open & closed) , tankers and also Crane mounted trucks for carrying loaded or filled up containers from industry while doing so empty containers are replaced for continuous use. The drivers are trained for handling waste safely and meet statutory or regulatory requirements. All the vehicles are authorized by MPCB as per rules. All the vehicles and containers are continuously maintained and washed after use.


MEPL has two modern well equipped laboratory (Ranjangaon near Pune and Butibori near Nagpur) having facilities of basic VAT analysis and sophisticated instrument analysis using instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, TOC analyzer, GC-MS, Sophisticated high efficiency Bomb calorimeter. Our lab is equipped to carry out analysis of all the parameters as required by Hazardous waste rules and capable for Comprehensive Analysis Report (CAR) and Finger Print Analysis (FPA).

The laboratory has well trained and highly experienced staff for carrying out all types of analysis required by CHWTSDF and also has capability to cater to environmental monitoring services.

Weigh Bridge

Our CHWTSDF has weighbridge of capacity 60 Metric Tons with accuracy of ±10 Kg. a weighbridge is regularly inspected and approved by Standards of Weight & Measurements Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Scientific Storage

Our TSDF has proper storage facility having a capacity to store 6,000 MT at MEPL Ranjangaon and 18000 MT of incinerable hazardous waste at Butibori Nagpur. Storage facility meets requirements of CPCB guidelines for storage of Incinerable hazardous waste. Storage facility has proper flooring to avoid contamination of soil and land around the storage facility, proper leachate collection drains. The storage area has proper fire protection systems by way of requisite smoke detectors with alarm system, Water sprinkler system and availability of fire hydrant system. Around storage area apart from various types of fire extinguishers Emergency exit is provided for escape during emergency. Area is properly ventilated by turbo ventilators and natural ventilation for comfortable working environment for persons working 24X7.

Fire & Safety backup

The Fire and safety norms are maintained as per MIDC and Factory Rules. The Sand Buckets, Fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems are provided all around the facility. Availability of fire tenders is ensured as our site is across MIDC fire Station. We have continuous training program for all the employees and mock drills are regularly practiced. The organization has developed systems and maintained proper discipline among the employees to follow directions of emergency action plan which minimizes the risk to plant and machinery, employees and society.

We are availing services of expert fire and safety consultant by regular visits and also carry out safety audits as per compliance requirements.

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